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Membership Committee

Chair:  Olivo Castillo, ATA-R


The Membership Committee, working in cooperation with ATA Board of Directors and Executive Director, is responsible for increasing the number of members and ensuring the retention of these members through the offering of services that meet their needs. The Committee recommends policies, procedures, and initiatives to assure a growing and vital membership organization.  The Committee will consist of four appointed members plus the chair. Appointments are for a three-year term and are made on a staggered basis with one-third of the positions filled each year. The chair's appointment is for one year.


  • Recommend to the ATA Board of Directors and Executive Directors a means for increasing ATA's membership base.
  • Contact prospective members by phone or email.  Make them aware of resources, services, membership benefits and to invite them to join ATA.
  • Contact all new members personally by phone or email to welcome them to ATA and invite them to the next meeting.
  • Respond to disgruntled members' calls and solicit feedback for improvement.
  • Contact delinquent members prior to cancellation and encourage them to renew.
  • Greet and introduce new members and prospective members at ATA meetings.
  • Host a meet and greet prior to ATA meetings for new and prospective members.
  • Staff membership booths at trade shows and meetings.
  • Identifying members' and nonmembers' needs and perceptions, analyzing them, and making recommendations to the ATA Board and Executive Director.
  • Develop new member information packets for first-time ATA members.  This packet of information can include the resource list, the most recent ATA connections, Membership List, and anything else that the Membership Committee believes may be helpful.
  • Develop a Annual Membership Recruitment and Retention Plan
  • Update Membership Forms as needed

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